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Our Services

The TBB experience is impactful and lasts!

  • Participants leave energized and ready to use the skills back on the job 

  • Refreshes participants so true creativity and collaboration can happen

  • Boosts business creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills

  • Establishes a new norm for working together on the next in- person or online meeting

 TBB sessions are designed as meeting energizers.

They also can be tailored to your specific needs. Among the most popular themes for TBB events are:

  • Flexible Thinking

  • Flexible Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Listening

  • Handling Conflict

  • Team Building

  • Team Trust

  • Building Empathy

  • Working Under Pressure

  • Problem Solving

  • Working Fast

  • Learning Improvisation

What Our Clients Say


“I enjoyed that it did not have as much of a “corporate” feel.”

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