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We're the Team Building Band

We help teams work together like Rock Stars

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A One-Of-A-Kind, Unforgettable Team Learning Experience

What makes the Team Building Band so unique?


Music, Music and More Music!

Music is the universal language that brings people together. 

  • A highly interactive and totally immersive experience where the participants work together in a fun creative way

  • The TBB musicians demonstrate key collaboration and creativity skills live

  • Participants use those skills to create and perform a song in real time!

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About TBB

TBB can be used in many forms

  • To help new teams bond so they reach peak performance faster

  • To help teams in conflict reduce friction and increase collaboration

  • To stimulate creativity and team spirit with new and existing teams

  • To kick off a strategic planning, sales or leadership event

  • As energizing theme-based entertainment at a corporate offsite


TBB gets results

The TBB experience is impactful and lasts!

  • Participants leave energized and ready to use the skills back on the job 

  • Refreshes participants so true creativity and collaboration can happen

  • Boosts business creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills

  • Establishes a new norm for working together on the next in- person or online meeting

Why TBB Works

Absolutely no PowerPoints here!

Our approach is immersive and engaging. The participants observe how a live band seamlessly incorporates communication, flexible thinking, listening, leadership skills. Then they use those skills to tackle a musical challenge with the help of the band!

Our business and musical facilitators have been educated at top schools including Columbia University, Harvard Business School and Berklee College of Music. They can relate to any business and engage any group.

Popular TBB Themes

TBB sessions are designed as meeting energizers. 

They also can be tailored to your specific needs. Among the most popular themes for TBB events are:

Flexible Thinking
Flexible Leadership

Handling Conflict
Team Building
Team Trust
Building Empathy

Working Under Pressure
Problem Solving
Working Fast
Learning Improvisation

The Team Building Band! BLOG

What Participants Say About Their TBB Experience

“I enjoyed that it did not have as much of a “corporate” feel.”

“It was interactive and out of the normal for us.”

”I enjoyed that it opened folks up enough to be creative together. Reduction of barriers to get folks to co-lead was critical to that process.”

”How different people can be, but still can come together to produce something great.”

“The importance of listening to each other, the leadership roles everyone takes on in a team, even if they aren’t in charge.”

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